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Should I Break Up With My Clingy, Controlling, Jealous Girlf…

She wants to know where you are at all times and demands that you call to check in throughout the day. She gives the evil eye to every one of your female coworkers and friends. She wants you to ditch all your female friends. She wants your attention all to herself and hates when you go out with the boys. She pressures you to make commitments you’re not ready for, like moving in together or engagement. You feel like you’re walking on eggshells whenever she’s around. 
Does this clingy girlfriend sound like someone you’re dating? If so, your relationship needs help.
A clingy girlfriend is a sure ingredient for disaster in any relationship. She may not be aware of all the negative psychological and even physical consequences that her behavior has on you. A healthy relationship should be a place to feel safe and to grow individually and as a couple. Compromises are key, and if your relationship feels more like a hostage situation than a partnership, it’s time to reexamine some things.
But can you get out of a relationship with a clingy girlfriend? You can get so accustomed to the situation that you never do anything about it. Or you may be too uncomfortable to bring up trouble issues because you’re afraid of the response. After all, there’s no telling how a jealous girlfriend can react to bad news. Maybe you can’t find the strength to leave because you genuinely don’t want to hurt her or see her cry, or you feel that she relies on you too much and will not be able to survive on her own. Or maybe there are more practical reasons that hold you back, like a child, a shared lease, or a common pet.   Of course none of these are good reasons to stay in a toxic relationship.
Or maybe you have no desire to maintain the relationship at all and are just putting off the inevitable breakup. Perhaps a family gathering or a special occasion is coming up, or an important work event is on the horizon, or you are just waiting for the ideal opportunity. The truth is, there is never an ideal time to break off a relationship. If anything, by delaying the inevitable you are doing both her and yourself a disservice by wasting time that could be spent on healing or finding a new relationship.
If your relationship is worth saving, communicating about the problem and possible solutions is critical. Let your partner know that you feel like she’s gripping the reigns in the relationship too tightly, and you feel that more freedom would benefit you both. It is important to establish open lines of communication where you can discuss problems together without hesitation or fear. 
If you are in a relationship with a clingy girlfriend and need help, visit my website for my guide on how to take action to fix or leave a bad relationship. Even if it seems impossible right now, you can have the happy relationship you deserve.
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