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How the World of Advertising Has Changed From the 1920's Adv…

We would like to take a few lines to review how the world of advertising has changed from the 1920’s advertisements. There are many similarities, but quite a few contrasts as well. We will mention a few of the highlights here.
Prior to the 1920’s the advertising market was primarily in written form. Local businesses had signs on their stores, newspaper and a few magazines sold space to those willing to tell their story, and the Sears and roebucks had a large catalog that sold everything small and large through a mail order system.
In 1923, Time was first published by Henry Luce. He filled his new creation with news of the day, sport, scandals, politics, and was able to sell more to the common man than ever before. The practice of hiring celebrities to sell all manner of products turned out to be a gold mine. This was the beginning of advertising as we know it.
The early twenties also spawned new technologies like the radio. The early manufacturers of the devices created programming to sell more radios. The first shows soon became sponsored by one company in exchange for the title of sponsor. Radio stations soon saw an opportunity to sell the same recognition to many companies and thus the radio spot was born.
The so called roaring 20’s was a time of prosperity and the coming out of women. The new mediums were quickly tuned to supply the new customers with a myriad of products for women and the home. Ladies magazines sprung up with information geared toward this untapped market and the advertisements were there for the ride.
The budding movie industry was not to be outdone and used their medium as a catalyst for advertising as well, if not to the level of the others. They were able to produce short ads to play before their features and could target the attending audience.
The world of marketing has changed tremendously with the advent of Television and now the internet. There are advertisements in almost everything we consume for entertainment. The products are even being sold in clothing. Who would have imagined in the 192’s that consumers would pay to advertise a product?
Today the world of advertising is still full of advertising professionals, all trying to live their dreams and obtain sales and recognition for their work, but it is a different world we live in. The internet is now the main puller of all advertisements and sales. You can purchase just about anything on the internet, from the comfort of your home, and have it shipped directly to you. Many retail businesses are offering net sales as a form of self preservation. They were forced by the market to add online sales or perish. Today the internet rules the advertising world with direct links from homes, offices, even phones. To stay afloat in today’s business world you must embrace how the world of advertising has changed from the 1920’s advertisements and learn to market on the World Wide Web.
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