Facebook Shares New Insights into Social Media and Online Shopping Activity During Ramadan

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With over two billion people around the world celebrating Ramadan this month, that can present significant opportunities for marketers to tap into the goodwill of the event, and connect with audiences seeking ways to celebrate and participate in the month of reflection.

To help with this, Facebook recently commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of over 17k people to glean insights into how they’re looking to celebrate Ramadan, and what impact that may have on their online activity over the next few weeks. 

As explained by Facebook:

This Ramadan season people will want to come together, whether virtually or socially distanced, to share the joy with loved ones. And despite inevitable differences to years gone by, we will see the emergence of new discovery and shopping behaviors.”

Facebook’s translated its findings into a new, 35-page Ramadan marketing guide, which you can download for yourself here

Here’s a quick look at some of the key points of note.

First off, Facebook outlines the impact of COVID-19 on Ramadan behaviors, with approaches to shopping altered due to ongoing concerns and restrictions.

Facebook Ramadan Guide

That points to a rise in eCommerce throughout the season, which is further reinforced in Facebook’s notes:

“The demand from shoppers to browse and shop safely online is greater than ever. It’s all about enabling shoppers to discover and purchase the things they’ll love, both safely and conveniently.”

Facebook suggests that brands look to provide online ordering and curbside pick-up options where possible, tapping into the rise of eCommerce with improved, streamlined processes, while also using Facebook’s ad tools to more effectively target audiences browsing online.

Facebook also provides notes and case studies on each of the key points within the guide, including this example of how Maybelline Vietnam used Facebook Live to virtually connect with audiences as part of a recent push.

Facebook Ramadan Guide

Virtual connection options like this further align with the shift away from physical stores, and could be another consideration for your campaigns.

Facebook also provides in-depth stats on mobile usage:

Facebook Ramadan Guide

And data on shopping peaks within the period:

Facebook Ramadan Guide

There are some helpful insights here, which could help to guide your marketing approach over the period. And while Ramadan is now underway, there is still opportunity to tap into these trends, and connect with audiences looking to partake in various celebrations and events tied into the period.

You can download Facebook’s full Ramadan Marketing Insights and Recommendation Guide here, while Facebook also has a dedicated Ramadan mini-site to provide further info and context. 

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